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The SCIAI originated with a group of 12 individuals in 1969 and received it's charter on July 29, 1971.


Originally, meetings were held in Columbia, SC or at the SCCJA. Hickory Knob State Park and Santee State Park were meeting places for early Annual Conferences.

SCIAI was formed for the following reasons:

  • To associate persons who are actively engaged in the business of identification, investigation and scientific crime detection into an organized body so that the profession in all its branches may be standardized and effectively and scientifically practiced.
  • To encourage the enlargement and improvement of the science of forensic identification and crime detection.
  • To encourage research work in scientific crime detection.
  • To keep its members apprised of the latest techniques and discoveries in crime detection.
  • To provide training, education and the publication of information in all forensic science disciplines represented by this association.


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